We are an award winning broadcast system integration company

Our Products and solutions

We sell to – Broadcasters (radio and Television), Direct to home (DTH), Cable TV, Transmission companies, Production house, post production house, Radio stations, recording studios and Teleports.

System Integration

State-of-the art technology solutions & system integration services to get your television stations running, to give your studios a futuristic look and feel or any bespoke implementation.

Equipment Sale

We sell products related to television, radio, satellite communications, transmission, production, post production. From cameras to video servers to encoders to storage, we sell it all. We can sell it on a stand alone basis or as a package or a system. We provide the best possible price and availabilty

Professional Services

We provide services like shifting of facilities, upgrade from SD to HD, upgrade from analog to digital, conversion of tapes to digital, expansion of an existing set up and so on. We also provide bespoke services like channel expansion, new TV Channel set up & so on.


We provide consultancy for system audit, technical feasibility study, commercial feasibility study for expansion.

We sell products on a stand alone basis

We provide turnkey solutions - like supply, design, commissioning of studios, newsroom systems,

       control rooms, uplink downlink, DSNG and so on. 

We provide services – like digitizing of tapes, providing annual maintenance and support, acoustics 

        treatment for studios lighting set up for studios, specialized training and a host of services. 

We provide consultancy – like providing a system audit, technical feasibility study, techno-  commercial study,

       knowledge transfer and a host of other consultancy services. 

We undertake turnkey projects like upgrading from SD to HD to 4K, move from Analog to Digital, add  an

       OTT and VOD capability and other bespoke solutions. 

We undertake full turnkey solutions for large sports / outdoor coverage.
We provide specialist manpower for projects (for short durations).
We Provide systems and solutions for Radio stations and recording studios.

About US

Whiteways is focused on providing an end to end solution to their broadcast customers. From planning to design to supply, integration, testing and commissioning, Whiteways takes responsibility from beginning to hand over of the project along with the after handover support.  

Whiteways is focused on providing Cutting Edge Technologies for digital media creation, management and distribution. The company was set up with the intention of catering to needs/markets in South and South East Asia, but has expanded far beyond its shores.



1. Studios with production control room (PCR)

2. Master control room (MCR)

3. Direct to Home (DTH)

4. Central apparatus room (CAR)

5. SAN / NAS / DAS

6. Satellite uplink / downlink systems

7. DSNG / ENG systems (flyaway, drive away kits)

8. Microwave links

9. Media asset management (MAM), digital asset management (DAM)

10. Broadcast automation systems

11. Video servers

12. Archival systems

13. Non-linear editing systems (NLE)

14. Ingest server and storage 

15. Graphics systems ( like financial, sports, election graphics etc.)

16. Studio with Virtual sets

17. Weather graphics and weather related information

18. Over the top video systems (OTT)

19. Networks for video (VLAN)

20. Data networking for broadcast

21. Business management systems (BMS)

22. Outdoor production kit

23. Sportscasting

24. Newsroom systems

25. Electronic news gathering

26. OB Vans

27. And bespoke systems 


We design and build OB Vans. The OB Vans can be tailored to your specific requirements, your budget, your terrain and your climatic conditions.

From a small ENG van to a large, full service sports coverage vans, we do it all. We can equip it with 10-12 cameras, EVS slow – mo video server with ISO recording, Kahuna Switcher, Studer Audio mixer, satellite uplink, expandable chassis. Or we can design a smaller version with more affordable equipment.


We set up the satellite based infrastructure which allows smooth, always on connectivity. We enable the power of the internet. We design, build, commission and maintain satellite uplink / downlink systems on a turnkey basis.



NBC is the state owned free to air terrestrial television
channel in Papua New Guinea. They are based in the
national Capital region of Port Moresby, the capital of
Papua New Guinea.

Technical System Audit

Whiteways was invited to do a technical audit for the largest television production facilities in central asia. This facility
was owned by the ministry of information and broadcasting,
housed 7 national television channels and 5 radio stations.


   We take full responsibility from concept to commissioning.
    We bring cutting edge technology to work for you.
    We ensure that we provide training so the systems are used properly.
    We try to match your exact specifications.
    We use tight project management to try to make sure that the project        is delivered within the deadlines.
   We offer very cost effective solutions (just ask for a quote and you will       know). and finally ….
   Sometimes we offer deferred payment.


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