Technical System Audit

Whiteways was invited to do a technical audit for the largest television production facilities in central asia. This facility was owned by the ministry of information and broadcasting, housed 7 national television channels and 5 radio stations. These channels included a 24 hour news channel, the new agency, sports channels, entertainment channels and variety shows. It consisted of 9 large well equipped studios, a huge central storage, numerous editing facilities.

This facility was facing numerous problems starting from ingest, to frequent breakdown of central storage, slowness in the editing systems, problems in mcr and so on. This resulted in transmission getting delayed, news items missing and picture freezing. The operators and support staff were not trained to handle this kind of digital facility. Hence, inspite of spending so much money, having a huge facility, they were bogged

down in problems.

Whiteways arrived at the scene along with an external consultant. Both persons, had numerous discussions with the team. They went on site and witnessed the problems being faced first hand. They followed the course of a typical work from ingest all the way to playout and archival and meticulously noted down all the problems.

The team then came back, discussed the possible solutions. These possible solutions were presented to the customer. After extensive discussions, a detailed 60 page report was published. This report was submitted to the customer with a list of recommendations.

Customer was very appreciative of this hard work and is now working on the recommendations.