W e power the story behind the internet revolution. The so called 4th wave of industrialization is enabled by the widespread availability of data, voice and video. The “always on” connection to your network enables you to access knowledge, information, music, videos, maps, data etc at any time from any where happens because of the infrastructure that has been put into place by your Telco, Radio, TV or ISP. We form an integral part of setting up that infrastructure. We set up the system which connects the ISP, Telco, Radio, TV company to a geo-stationary satellite. This satellite enables allows your ISP, Telco, Radio or TV to connect to the Internet network and to the rest of the world. It allows you to access essential services, pay bills, book tickets, make appointments, trade goods and services, check weather and so on. It allows you to listen to your favourite music and watch your favourite programs anywhere, at any time.

W e set up the satellite based infrastructure which allows smooth, always on connectivity. We enable the power of the internet. We design, build, commission and maintain satellite uplink / downlink systems on a turnkey basis. 

We set up satellite uplink / downlink systems for:

• TV Broadcast
• Radio Broadcast
• Telecommunications
• Internet Service Providers (O3B networks)
• Military
• Navy / Marine
• Teleports / DTH / Cable Head Ends
• Remote site connectivity
• Point to Point Connectivity (Microwave network)
• Mobile Satellite connection Vans 

Satellite based communications have ensured that the entire surface of the globe is reachable. Whether you are a small island in the middle of the ocean or a remote outpost in the middle of impenetrable forests, you can communicate using the satellite.

Satellite based communication is possible for audio, video, data and voice. Whether you want to listen to Radio, or watch TV or surf the internet or use your phone—it is all possible. Geo-stationary satellites cover the globe and with satellite communication, any place can be hooked up.

Maritime safety is dependent completely on satellite communication systems. There are thousands of ships sailing in the oceans. They keep track of their progress by using satellite communication networks.

Similarly, there are thousand of Aeroplanes flying at any given point of time. Aeroplanes communicate using the satellite communication networks.

Large multi-location companies communicate with their remote, far flung offices using satellite communication networks.

Remote mining sites, off shore oil and gas installations all depend on satellite communication networks.

Radio and Television send their audio, video signal to remote sites using satellite communication networks. Large sports events like the Olympics use the satellite communication networks to provide “live” coverage of the games to viewers all over the world.

It is safe to say that satellite communication networks are here to stay. Many companies are planning to launch a number of new satellites into the orbit. Countries are competing with each other to have the maximum coverage of the globe.

We form a key component of this industry by setting up the systems for uplink and downlink. We also provide user training, administrator training. Once the system is set up and working, we provide after sales support and maintenance.